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Expo 2020 is coming. This is the beginning of opportune times. Even in real estate sector, the opportunities are brimming with excitement. The construction industry in the UAE is yet to experience the escalating demand for new elevators installations. And at Massaed, we aim to fulfill these burgeoning opportunities with our state-of-the-art elevator installations. Our variety of elevator installations make sure that the technology of movement comes easy to the upcoming townships, shopping malls, hospitals, metro stations, etc. The construction boom for the coming seven years will be remarkable in the history of UAE. With this unprecedented infrastructural growth in the region, the demand for escalating solutions will definitely shoot up, making grounds for bulk purchases in the form of different elevator solutions. At Massaed, we are dedicated to serve the escalating market needs with our versatile range of elevators that are safe and convenient for all walks of life.

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